Shattered Dreams and Future Hopes

An Original Abstract painted on box canvas ready to hang.
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Sales price: £150.00
Manufacturer: Ralph Taylor

In the early morning mist
There is a stillness in the air
Nothing seems clear,
Hazy yet full of peace.
Reflections on water
shimmer with a nondescript hue. Now we see only as if in a mirror
In this presence there is beauty
and peace.
We may not walk through our tomorrows
With the answers that we seek
We may not know where we are going
or the nature of the deed,
But to go this way
Is to walk by life still waters.
And though the day might bring its sorrows
It can also bring its joys.
And all of this is but,
A pale reflection of all that yet will be.
A friend said my painting was sad. It was not meant to be. Above are the thoughts I was having as I painted.  The painting is done in pastel on pastel board and framed with a modern frame with glass. The painting is 16" x 20" it is a painting about a Shattered World and Shattered lives but it is also a painting full of hidden depths of how we can overcome this.


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