Music,Movement, Life and Love

An Original Abstract Artwork (Commission)
music, movement,lifeand love
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Manufacturer: Ralph Taylor

   The thinking behind my latest piece of work. Some 30 years ago I persuaded a very nice young lady to do two things. One to become the organist of my church. Two to consider becoming a nurse, she was such a caring person. She did both. Recently she retired from nursing and got in touch with me after all those years. This piece is called Music ,Movement, Life and Love. Music escaping from the staff becomes dancers and carers children and parents all at different stages in life. They are encouraging each other and caring. They move from left to right and there at the end of the staff is the two bars and two dots that says do it again. In the picture are the odd moments of tears.

 The Comissioner likes this work I put it on here to share it with friends.

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